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Dunlop Egg Shaker - (2-pack)
Akai Professional LPD8 Wireless Pad Controller
Power Conditioner
Martin 41Y18M620 Tenor Ukulele Fluorocarbon String
16” Black Telescoping Rubber Grip Police Baton And Nylon Belt Pouch
Livewire Power Strip with 10 ft. Cord
House of Rock’s Gear Swap offers variety of musical instruments, equipment
Pack up those rarely used guitar pedals. Sort through your collection of native percussion instruments. Grab those rarely played records and mosey over to the House of Rock’s monthly musical Gear Swap. Catering to the needs and curiosities of musicians ...
Soul Mates looking for instruments, equipment
In an effort to keep music alive in the Valley, the band seeks donations of musical instruments and band equipment for Soul Mates, other bands and local schools. Much needed items include microphones, clip-on microphones for brass instruments, drum kits ...
VH1 awards Sullivan County school $10K in musical instruments, equipment
BRISTOL, Tenn. — A Sullivan County middle school is one of 10 public U.S. K-12 schools to receive 10,000 worth of musical instruments, equipment and books from VH1's Keys + Kids program. Jill Wishon, music teacher at Holston Valley Middle School since an ...
How researchers are resurrecting antique musical instruments
Howe also pursued his interest in the construction of antique woodwind instruments, particularly the oboe, which he had studied as a student. Over the past two decades, he has conducted research and published his findings in scholarly music journals such ...
Oliver Springs in national competition for new band equipment
"It's being able to provide the kids high quality equipment so they can get the best music education possible. And not just the skills they learn in the instruments they play, but all the other life skills they learn through marching band and band in ...
GHS PF180 Stainless Steel 5-String Banjo Strings -
5V USB power cable for Zoom H4n Recorder
Large Color Guard Flag
Death Metal FX86 DOD
Latin Percussion Sweetwater Egg Shaker - Black
F&T Electrolytic Capacitor - 10uf 500v Axial - for Vintage Style Tube Amps
Gator G-MIXERBAG-1515 - 15" x 15" x 5.5" Mixer/Gea
Backlight BACKLIGHT KORG 01W O1w 01/RW 01r/w TG77 SY77 SY99 W5 T3 & more
Arcana MIDI NES chiptune Synth Rev II
5V Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ system replacement power supply
3.5 inches mount bracket for scsi2sd V5
Neutrik NL4FX Speakon 4 Pole Connector Plug
NEW Hygrometer Humidors Instrument Case Violin Guitar
Cablephyle Bag Cable File-CFB-02-Cable & Accessories Organizer Gig Bag-soft case
Piano Tuning Hammer Vintage
5V Zoom H4n Pro Recorder replacement power supply
Ibanez Replacement Battery Cover for Ibanez 9 Series Effect Pedals - BKR9
Color Guard Flag
Meinl Percussion FJS2S-BK Foot Tambourine - Black
Band Rhythm Music Director Orchestra Conductor Conducting Baton Rosewood Handle
Protection Racket Standard Floor Tom Case 16"x16"
Color Guard Flag
Hosa BNC-58-110 (10' BNC to BNC, RG58/U)
9V TC-Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 Vocal effects replacement power supply
1/16" Sheet Cork for Clarinet, Saxophone, Etc.
9V Digitech PS0913DC-01 PSU part replacement power supply
Rizatti Accordion Gig Bag for Rizatti, Hohner Panther & Corona
Martin M400 Mandolin Strings - 80/20 Light
PSP 26" Expandable Police Baton With Nylon Belt Loop Holder and Rubber Grip
Gator Cases GX-2030-8-TSA ATA Molded PE Utility / Monitor Case
Newland Custom Music Conducting Baton Protective Tube Natural Brown Maple 14.25"
3 Bulk Pack Genuine CTS Tone / Volume 500K Solid Shaft Pots for Electric Guitar
Fender Mustang III Cover (Mustang 3 Cover)
16” Black Police Baton Telescoping Rubber Grip And Nylon Belt Pouch
Music Concert Rhythm Band Director Conductor Baton 38.5cm Musical Instrument MZX
EP-4969-SML (6) Solder Lug Grounding Washers Guitar/Bass Mini
12V Tascam PS-P424 Portastudio replacement power supply
Color Guard Swing Flag
Color Guard Flags
12V Ableton Push 2 DAW controller replacement power supply
Odyssey DJ Cartridge Road & Travel Case Holds 4
Hercules DS502B Flute/Clarinet Peg
4.7" Plastic Case Handle for Guitar case Musical case or Large Luggage US
Yamaha SOPRANO SAXOPHONE Swab YSW1161P NEW - Cleaning - Cleaner
Martin 41Y18M600 Soprano/Concert Ukulele Fluorocar
Bazooka Replacement RF Party Bar Remote (RFR-BPB)
New Guardian CG-075-D3/4 DuraGuard Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag, 3/4 Size Dreadnought
Large Color Guard Flags Marching Band Flags
Cablephyle Bag Cable File-CFB-PA for larger Pa and DJ cables
Neewer Push On Push Off 1 Button Footswitch with Cable for Guitar Bass
9V IK Multimedia iRig Pro DUO Recording interface replacement power supply
(D61) 2 Nickel Drawbolt Closure Latch for Case with lock
Mighty Bright 54810 Hammerhead LED Book Light
CineMag Mic Input Transformer CMMI-2C
Fender Multi-fit Cover for Champ 110, XD Series, a
Latin Percussion Sweetwater Egg Shaker - Blue
Fender Cover for '65 Princeton Reverb
Color Guard Flag
Line6 Floorboard - Line 6 Floorboard Effects/Amp Controller
Large Color Guard Flag
❤ Kenable 3.5Mm Right Angle Stereo Jack To Socket Headphone Extension Cable 2M 6
Morley Power Wah Boost
Grover 502C Roto-Grip Locking Rotomatic Tuners - 3+3
On-Stage Stands LSB-6500 Lighting Stand Bag
Pickboy PBFTS150A Conducting Baton
Color Guard Flag
2 lp claws used drum microphone claw
Gator - G-MIXERBAG-1515 - 1Padded Nylon Mixer/Equipment Bag - 15.5 x 15.0 x 5.5"
Mesa Boogie SUS-4 Shock Absorbers (3qty)
Roland PSB-13U Power Adapter [AM1] Original
Dunlop Original Battery Cover for Dunlop Wah Wah Pedals in Black - ECB147
Crane Stand Plus Digital DJ Laptop Stand Dark Gray
Humes & Berg Galaxy Mounted Tom Bag - 7" x 10"
Music Conductor Baton with Plastic Handle Musical Instrument for Director
Toshira Oblong Violin Case Black Blue 4/4 Size
Seetronic ST229L 1/4" Panel Mounted Jack - Mono
Cablephyle CFB-ULTRA-Lte Cable & Accessories Organizer- Gig Bag-soft case
5V Apogee Duet 2 Audio Interface replacement power supply
Earthquaker Devices Hoof
Extension Rack For Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart 8-In-1 Convertible Truck - 13-1/2, R
Bass-Clef Instrument Case Luggage ID Tag - FAST & FRIENDLY
GHS PF120 6-String Banjo Loop End Strings - Light
Fender Mustang GT 100 Cover
Rack Mount Cabinet Flight Case - Studio Mixer DJ PA Cart Stand Music Gear Stage
Fender '65 Twin Reverb Cover
BACKLIGHTS BACKLIGHT KORG 01W o1w Wavestation SY77 SY99 TG77 & more
Set of 4 - Penn Elcom 4" 440lb Swivel ATA Road Case Caster W0990 V6 - Blue
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Musical instruments for kids; books about music, making musical instruments
On Wed., May 22, it's National Buy a Musical Instrument Day! Although no one knows when or why this day is more important than any other for purchasing a piece of equipment that can be used to play musical sounds, it was surely a music lover that invented it.
Music Go Round(R) Reminds Musicians to "Reuse.Recycle.Rock.(R)" as Earth Day Approaches
According to Tim Kletti, director of the Music Go Round(R ... and a variety of other instruments and equipment each year. Kletti explains that this not only keeps this gear out of landfills, but saves on the raw materials that would be needed to ...
American Musical Supply and Fender Are Working Together to Make Fender Guitars and Equipment Accessible to Blue Collar Musicians with Instant Savings
Many musicians worldwide dream of one day owning an instrument with the Fender headstock like the men and women that have influenced their music. Buying a musical instrument can be a major investment for working musicians, and many times a brand ...
Charity fundraiser collects sports gear and musical instruments for kids in need.
Gear for Goals' Mega Sports Gear and Musical Instrument Drive sought to fill a semi truck with donated gear to benefit children in need. In total, G4G aims to provide equipment to over ... G4G's flash mob dance, other participants included individuals ...
Youth Charity Gear for Goals is on a mission to bring sports and arts to impoverished children
Gear for Goals’ Mega Sports Gear and Musical Instrument Drive sought to fill a semi truck with donated gear and instruments to benefit children in need. In total, G4G aims to provide equipment ... 7th inning stretch, other participants ...
GearTunes Launches its Website that Revolutionizes Guitar and Gear Demos
GearTunes has created a single, authoritative source for professional gear demos across all manufacturers in the musical instrument space, with an initial focus on guitars, amplifiers, effects, recording equipment and accessories. It provides ...